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   Moonrovers Prize Competition   

The race of countries, space agencies and privates to suborbital and orbital space is very interesting but I think that a race to send the FIRST PRIVATE ROBOTIC ROVER ON THE MOON may result much more interesting and VERY EXCITING!!! Then, I'll try to create a Moonrovers Prize Competition for private companies around the world that want to compete!!!

Soon I'll design the rules of the competition to publish here and, if my proposal will succeed, I'll realize a moonrovers prize website, where, all peoples interested to that race, will find full informations about it.

Of course, I'll search some Sponsors to support my idea and give the money for prizes, that may be more than one: first landing, first 3D image, first moon resources found, first sample to earth, etc.

If you want to compete or become a Sponsor watch this page or send a mail to mail@gaetanomarano.it

See below a possible little and low cost moonrover with the flags of the rovers’ Country and Sponsor.

A Discussion Forum on SegwayChat about the use of Segway’s technology for moonrovers (and its possible advantages to explore the unknown moon surface) here.

November 10 - 2005

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