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Despite the Euro is over SEVEN years old, it STILL hasn't a STANDARD SYMBOL for "cents"!

While the dollar has a symbol for cents from beginnig [ ¢ ] the euro still has only a standard symbol for the currency [ or EUR ] but not a symbol for the eurocents!

Now, it is suggested to use the diction "cent", but very different names are used in the wild by companies, shops, mewspapers, etc. [ like: "eurocents" "cents Euro", " cent", etc. ] all names much bigger and longer than the Euro currency symbol and (worse) they're all non-standard!

It looks really incredible that the European Community (that usually loves to standardize everything, including the dimensions of Banana and Zucchini!) has never standardized (and still hasn't) the symbol of the cents of its currency!!!

Seven years ago on this website I've already proposed a POLL to give a standard name or symbol to the eurocents, then sent hundreds email to banks, newspapers, etc. but, unfortunately, my proposal hasn't had any media coverage nor any success in 2002.

So, I've decided to propose again the same poll, to help the people, banks and governments to (finally!) make the choice for a standard symbol for eurocents, perhaps, not an "official standard" but, at least, a "de-facto standard" that everybody could adopt.

Of course, the symbol must use only characters of the standard keyboard to avoid the need to change all existing keyboards with a new version!

Also, we should not use the dollar cents symbol alone to avoid confusions between these currencies, so, the symbols suggested in this poll are:

[  e¢ ] [  ec ] [  :¢ ] [  :c ] [ Ç ] [  ¢ ] [ ] [  ëc ] [ other... ]

I've changed the online poll system since the former system not working well with some browsers, while, the new system, works well with Opera and Firefox, but seems have problems to be displayed with Internet Explorer.

You can use and talk about this idea and the poll completely FREE on TV magazines, newspapers, websites, forums, blogs, etc. just acknowledging the author of the proposal of a standard symbol and the source of the poll:


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