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   EEE-like MacBook Air   

The MacBook Air is beautiful, but too expensive for many (and, still, too big and heavy, for most mobile uses) so, following the Asus EEE trend, Apple could make a Smaller, Slimmer, Lighter and Cheaper MacBook Air with a 9" touch/tablet display, 1024x600 or, better, 1280x720 HD Ready resolution, 2GB RAM, Intel Atom processor, low cost (standard) ugradable 16GB SSD and a "light" version of the OSX.

The external drivers' combo may include a DVD or Blu-ray burner AND an 80+ GB hard disk AND 2+ extra USB ports AND the external drivers power supply + the eeeAir battery charger, etc. all them in a compact and light portable module.

The price of this "eeeAir" should be very competitive (about $600 or less) and its lighter design may look like the image below, where a (possible) new "MacBook NANO" (or "AirLight" or "PocketAir") is compared with the dimensions of the standard, 13.3" display, MacBook Air.

Of course, the "eeeAir" should be not a substitute of the standard models but an Air line's complement!

A further (but not so good) alternative is to sell an accessory that fits the 64GB SSD but has a 16GB (standard) SSD and an extra battery, so, the smaller SSD and the 2nd battery may give a much stronger operation time to the MacBook Air at a (possible) slightly lower price.

May 24 - 2008

[update] I think there are, at least, TWO GOOD REASONS for Apple to develop and sell as soon as possible its own "eeeAir". The first reason is that ALL the existing and upcoming EEE-like notebooks will run (also) Windows XP (not only Linux) and will be smaller and lighter than a MacBook Air (and, some, with a beautiful Air-like design!) so many Mac users that want a really small notebook could prefer to buy a (smaller, lighter and cheaper) EEE-like subnotebook (saving over $1000) rather than the better and original (but still bigger) Air. The second and most important reason is, that, thanks to the "open design platforms" (like the VIA OpenBook) not only the big notebooks' manufacturers, but (also) many small companies will be able to design and sell a $300 or LESS (VIA or Intel Atom processor) EEE-family computer able to PERFECTLY INSTALL AND RUN (also) the Apple OSX!!!

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Copyright © 2007 Gaetano Marano - All rights reserved - the base image used for the "EEE-like Air" is © Apple Inc.

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