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Thanks to better, smaller, lighter and cheaper rechargeable batteries available to-day (since developed for cellphones, notebooks, etc.) the electric and hybrid cars already are commercial products you can buy to save on the gasoline and reduce CO2 and pollution, but, unfortunately, also the best designed electric cars have a limit: their autonomy still is in the range of 60-70 km. max.

Well, my idea is to build all electric cars with a REPLACEABLE BATTERY like those used for cellular phones (but bigger, of course) so, instead of go back home to recharge the car battery or wait two hours connected to a public recharging tower, you can simply go to an "electric gas station", exchange (in a few minutes) the exausted battery (with a full charged one) and continue your travel without delay!

All new Electric Cars have no batteries, but use those available (already charged) at the "energy refuel stations" to avoid to exchange a new, never used and high priced battery with an old, used, low value and several times recharged one) paying only a refundable "fee" the first time a car's owner will needs (both) energy and battery (so, they always pay ONLY the energy).

Of course, that batteries must be standardized, so, the "energy refuel stations" will NOT need to store and recharge hundreds different batteries but just one model (using two or more of them for bigger cars) or a few models only and all battery models must have a energy level sensor and an incremental counter to know how many times each battery has been recharged.

To save the high amount of energy lost on the transfer from the power plants, all "refuel stations" located away from urban areas could have their own solar or wind energy power plants (like my "Wind Energy Skyscrapers") to recharge the cars' batteries (24h a day 365d a year) at (nearly) ZERO costs!

VERY IMPORTANT: This is a PUBLIC DOMAIN IDEA (then, "open source"!) already disseminated in several places of the world so EVERYBODY can USE (or talk about) it just ACKNOWLEDGING the AUTHOR of the idea (me) putting a LINK to this page, also, if you want to post the "cellphoneCAR" image (published here) in your blogs, forums and webmagazines, please use THIS ImageShack LINK and put the © FIAT notice about the base image (that is the new FIAT 500). Thank You!

July 23 - 2007

[update] Hey Shai Agassi, the swappable battery "cellphoneCAR" was MY idea!!!

The electric cars' "Battery Swap" was MY idea and NOT a Shai Agassi / Better Place's one, since I've ALREADY suggested it in this "cellphoneCAR" article and posted FOR THE FIRST TIME in July 24, 2007 in a comment in this Technology Review article SAVED on my HDD and CACHED online!!!

Then, I've posted MY idea again and again in other Technology Review comments and on several other forums and blogs around the world!!!

This is a GREAT idea to solve (NOW!) the MAIN electric cars' problem: the 4+ hours long battery recharge time, but it's NOT a "BetterPlace project", a company born MONTHS LATER my article!

Sell electric cars without batteries but just swap them was/is/will be an "open source" and public domain idea of MINE, while, the Better Place's guys have just READ MY ARTICLE from a link posted in one of my comments on Technology Review's articles or in one of my posts written on several other forums and blogs around the world!!!

Please note that I DID NOT WANT A CENT from those who want to develop, use, apply, rent and sell electric cars and batteries based on MY idea (and on MY brand new "no home-recharge strategy") but I just want that Agassi, Better Place and ALL other users or manufacturers of MY idea will (always, everywhere and forever) acknowledge ME as the AUTHOR of this NEW and WINNING strategy: "sell electric cars WITHOUT batteries but just RENT their energy at new electric-gas stations"!!!

Unfortunately, thanks to MY idea Shai Agassi has been quickly become the new Gates|Jobs|Kamen-like "Green-Tech Genius/Star" having LOTS of FLATTERING articles on prestigious newspapers and scientific/technological websites and magazines (like Technology Review or Wired) so, it's VERY HARD to believe, that, he will (someday) ADMIT to have just READ this idea on MY website (or on one of the forums or blogs where I've posted it) and that he is NOT the REAL inventor of the "cellphoneCAR", but just "the Milli Vanilli of the electric cars industry"... :(

[update] The latest news about Li-Ion batteries say that this idea will die soon!!!

The idea of the swappable batteries "cellphoneCAR" was born to overcome the problem of today's slow recharging and low lasting rechargeable batteries for electric cars (until a new, better and fast charging batteries would be developed) but two latest news from MIT clearly say that, this idea, will be no longer necessary, since, new Li-Ion batteries 100+ times faster to recharge/discharge and supercapacitors with 100+ times the electric charge will soon be developed and produced solving ALL the problems of the electric cars!!!

So... Mr. Agassi can/should give back to the Better Places' investors the $160+ Million he has raised to develop """his""" idea of swappable batteries' electric cars... :)

[update] Further news about Li-Ion batteries say that MY idea already is dead!!!

Further good news for the electric cars (but bad news for the "swappable batteries" technology) come from several labs and big companies like IBM Research that have already developed (and want to produce soon) new kind of Li-Ion batteries like the Lithium metal-air batteries that can store more than 5,000 watt-hours per kilogram or TEN TIMES today's best li-ion batteries and more than the (very expensive) fuel cells!!!!!

So, thanks to these new batteries, within five years the cars industry will be able to produce millions electric cars with half sized and half priced battery packs but 500-1000 miles of autonomy!!!







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