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   Super Safe Skyscrapers   

A big fire or something like the Twin Towers attack are VERY RARE occurencies, but, when that happens on a skyscraper, the number of dead peoples always is very high (since it's proportional to the number of peoples that live and work inside them) also, the great increase of new skyscrapers built or planned (just look at China and Dubai) may increase the probability of severe accidents, so, why don't design from scratch a new generation of "Super Safe Skyscrapers"?

All skyscrapers already have a fire escape stair INSIDE them (that is sufficient for small emergency) but, that stair has just a SINGLE leak in a SINGLE floor of the building, it becomes a DEATH TRAP for the peoples that go down through them.

Five months ago, after seeing on the MIT Technology Review website a new product (a fast "rope-climbing device") I've suggested (in this article) to ADD to all big and small buildings the "multi-ropes skyscrapers' emergency external elevators" to help the firemen to go up and the rescued peoples to go down (keeping both away from flames!) but (clearly) this is not an easy way to rescue too young, too old and "untrained" peoples (then, 99% of them...).

So, the BEST WAY to have very safe escape stairs usable by (untrained) common peoples of every age (then, to build very safe skyscrapers) is to put them OUTSIDE the building with (separate and distant) "Escape Towers" like those showed in the example building published here.

The external "Escape Tower(s)" can be used also with single-tower buildings, however, it's best (and safest) use is with multiple-towers skyscrapers (two towers, like the example in this page, or GROUPS of three, four, six towers and more) so, in case of problems, EACH tower could become the (undamaged) "escape tower" of the tower on fire.

Of course, a skyscraper with external escape towers costs more than one without them, but, if something goes wrong (and we can't know where and when that will happen) HUNDREDS (or THOUSANDS) peoples may SAVE THEIR LIVES! Just imagine if an external escape tower like this had been part of the Twin Towers buildings! Unfortunately, NO ONE of the existing and planned (big, small, single and multiple towers) skyscrapers I've seen (so far) has something like the external escape towers suggested here.

July 22 - 2007

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