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   Wind Energy Skyscrapers   

I don't know if a "Wind Energy Skyscraper" like this could even be built someday. The concepts I've seen, so far, just add two-three rotors to a skyscraper to save 10-15% of energy. However, it looks like a very good idea that worth an article!

The sketch published in this page is only one version (of hundreds possible design) of a "Wind Energy Skyscraper" that has a 200 m. side squared section and is 600 m. tall with 10 (or more) high stories and 250 wind rotors (25 per floor) each 40 m. large.

I think that a "Wind Energy Skyscraper" has at least TEN BIG ADVANTAGES vs. the existing "wind turbines" that need their own (expensive) skyscrapers-like towers.

1. the tower-array of 250 rotors has a very small "footprint" (just 200x200 meters in my design) compared with the VERY LARGE terrains used to build the multi-towers wind energy power plants.

2. the small "footprints" allow to build MANY wind energy power plants just NEAR the biggest cities (rather than country) that need large amounts of energy.

3. a few hundreds "Wind Energy Skyscrapers" (built near the biggest cities, that already have big buildings and skyscrapers) can REDUCE the ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT of HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS (150+ meters each) TOWERS/ROTORS built (so far) on very large surfaces devastating their landscapes, reducing the food's cultivations and killing thousands migrating birds.

4. the "energy-sources" built near the "energy-users" (the cities) allow to SAVE great amounts of energy (about 30%) now LOST in the long-distance energy trasfer.

5. the smaller rotors are MORE WIND/ENERGY EFFICIENT (than bigger rotors) since they run ALSO with SLOW wind speeds (and MUCH FASTER than big rotors with high speed winds).

6. the tower-array design allows the engineers choice of the MOST EFFICIENT number and dimension of rotors to generate the max quantity of energy possible.

7. smaller rotors allow the use of multi-blades design that are more wind/energy efficient and (also) LESS NOISY (than bigger rotors) to reduce the noise pollution.

8. so many rotors in a single tower allows to add a (cost effective) "Energy Storage System" to store the extra energy produced by night and release it on peak energy request saving large amounts of energy! The "Energy Storage System" can be a simple array of high efficiency rechargeable batteries or a complex but cheaper water electrolysis device that splits oxygen and hydrogen used as car fuel and/or methane replacement and/or propellent for fuel-cells' energy modules.

9. one of the BEST (50-70%) money saving of the "Wind Energy Skyscrapers" will be on costruction materials since EACH (100-120 m. diameter) wind turbine needs its own GIANT (100-150 m. tall) and very (time+money) expensive "mini-skyscraper", while, the 250 (smaller) rotors+motors SHARE the tower's structure just using a SMALL part of it to support each rotor!

10. last but not least, the (200x200 m.) surface atop the "Wind Energy Skyscraper" is PERFECT to deploy many Solar Cells Panels (something simply IMPOSSIBLE to do with to-day's wind turbines!) to produce a FURTHER amount of FREE, CLEAN, RENEVABLE energy!!! 

The final (very exciting!) result of these advantages will be a VERY LOW COST ENERGY compared with the current wind turbines energy prices and, since the current price of the standard wind turbines energy already equals the price of the oil/methane-derived energy, the (50% lower price) energy of the Wind Energy Skyscrapers would be the (absolutely) CHEAPEST source of the energy market!!!

The drawing in this page is NOT a "project" of the "Wind Energy Skyscrapers" but just a sketch of a "concept" to illustrate my idea and the principle behind it: "put many wind turbines stacked on a tall building rather than on an (hundreds times) larger surface to save on infrastructures and areas costs and have a more efficient and cheaper wind energy".

And, since this is only a "concept" of a (so far) unexisting building, I don't know (and NO ONE can know) which is the best (and most efficient) configuration and design of (both) the building and the wind rotors: more or less stories, many (smaller) or less (bigger) turbines, heavy (rigid) or light (flexible) building structure, horizontal rotors or Darrieus (vertical) wind turbines, etc.

Of course, to develop/know the best (and most efficient) design, we don't need to build any real building but just accomplish thousands wind-tunnel tests on hundreds different scale-sized models!

To avoid any misunderstanding about my idea, I wish to say that my "Wind Energy Skyscrapers" are NOT a "new version" of "green buildings" built INSIDE the cities (with thousands peoples living and working in their apartments and offices near the rotors!) but just a kind of specialized and uninhabited "energy production buildings" built a few miles away from cities to save on the energy-transfer loss.

May 12 - 2007

Article's Update: after thinking twice about my W.E.S. drawing, I believe that its "Energy Storage System" is TOO BIG (probably TEN+ times bigger than necessary!) since it doesn't need to store the full energy produced but just the (night and weekend) extra-energy to be released on peak's requests.

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