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   BEST use of a new product   

Today I've seen in a MIT Technology Review article a very interesting new product developed by a group of MIT student that founded a new Cambridge, MA startup company called Atlas Devices: a 20 lbs (9 kg) "rope-climbing device" (powered with new fast-charging, high-power high-density lithium-ion batteries) able to lift up to 250 lbs (114 kg) at the speed of 10 feet (3 meters) per second!

Despite the Atlas Devices website's home page suggests a military use for this new device, it's BEST use (as the MIT's article suggests) clearly is to help the FIREMEN in their work, since this new "rope-climbing-device" can lift a fully-equiped fireman up to the 30th floor of a building in less than a minute while staying away from fire and with less physical effort than climb the building through its thousands steps stairs!


However, I think that this new device needs a "companion" to help the firemen and rescue workers to save MANY human lives: a set of ready to deploy (on every high building) and easy to use "multi-ropes skyscrapers' emergency external elevators" that may offer many fast ways to go up and down from a building (or simply to use as further escape ways) keeping (both) the rescue workers/firemen and the saved peoples very much away from the building's fire flames!

A further good idea is add to every building many upside/downside "roper's stretching/locking" devices (the small blue blocks in the image) to avoid possible (dangerous) fluctuations for the rescue workers, saved peoples and rescue equipments while sent up and down the ropes.

Of course, these multi-ropes' external elevators will be not always "open" but just activated in case of emergency (directly from the people inside the building or also remote-controlled from the rescue squads) so that "ropes" don't transform the city in a jungle... :)

Since this device appears easy to use and may become reasonable priced (if mass produced) ...someday... eveybody will be able to climb mountains with a small physical effort... :)

February 20 - 2007

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Copyright © 2007 Gaetano Marano - All rights reserved - the rope-climbing device image is © Atlas Devices and MIT

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